Sheriffs Love Songs


10 April, 8pm, Smock Alley Theatre


Michael Maierhof, Christoph Ogiermann, Hannes Seidl

Hannes Seidl, Greetings from the 11th floor (laptop, 8')
Christoph Ogiermann, NOTIZ for Tim (Dublin version) (violin, 3')
Sebastian Berweck / Dick Raaijmakers, Intona (for video, 8')
Christoph Ogiermann / Hannes Seidl, From G. Feb's Collection/Fundus JPFR (for violin & voice, laptop, 15')
Michael Maierhof, splitting 50 (for amplified cello and 'tape')
Uwe Rasch, aus vierundzwanzig: sieben (video, 5')
Ogiermann/Maierhof/Seidl, Raajimakers' Intona Trio (improvisation)

STOCK11 is a collective of composers and performers with an apparent eclectic and disparate set of approaches and techniques, but who share an aesthetic position that is open to everyday activities and materials, and accommodates contemporary practices from beyond the usual musical world within their compositions and performances.

In this concert, three of the group's composer/performer members – Michael Maierhof, Christoph Ogiermann and Hannes Seidl – make their first appearance in Ireland performing works from the group.

"One of the most original composers working today and a master manipulator of the sonic properties of plastic... Maierhof's compositions are both engulfing, like a warm bath, and bracing, as if the bath had suddenly been filled with chunks of ice."(